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Please read this information, print out, sign, date at the bottom in the space provided and mail via USPS

Old Mountain Farm reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time.

We keep a waiting list of those who have expressed an interest in acquiring a kid from our herd (we no longer keep separate lists for kids out of specific does). There is no required deposit to be placed on the kid waiting list which means people tend to be liberal with their requests making the list a long one. That also means it is impossible for me to predict how long of a wait it could be before you are offered a kid. If you are serious about purchasing Old Mountain Farm goats at some point in the future, I would recommend that you get your name on the list since doing so is not a commitment from you to purchase. It is only a commitment from me should your name come to the top of the list for an available kid.

Our wethers are priced at $100.00 and the price range of our breeding stock is from $450.00 to $1500.00, depending on quality and resume of the goat, its ancestors and its age at time of purchase.

Sometimes we offer newborns on a bottle (usually bucklings). We do NOT keep a list of people interested in bottle kids. For breeding quality kids sold in this manner, We take $100.00 off what their normal price at weaning would be. Wethers sold on bottles are not discounted due to their already low pricing.

Sometimes we offer newborns on a bottle (usually bucklings). We do NOT keep a list of people interested in bottle kids. For breeding quality kids sold in this manner, We take $100.00 off what their normal price at weaning would be. Wethers sold on bottles are not discounted due to their already low pricing.

Bottle kid bucklings are posted on the Old Mountain Farm Facebook page. We do not call anyone on any kid waiting lists when selling bottle baby bucklings. If you are interested in obtaining a buckling this way, be sure to keep your eye on the farm facebook page during kidding season.

Bottle kids must be paid for and picked up by or before the time they reach two weeks of age. I do this sometimes in order to lessen my workload and in the process give someone else a chance of bringing some really nice genetics into their herd at a discounted price.

Since bottle kids are sold on a first come, first serve basis. I will not hold them or consider them spoken for until, I am paid in full and you are leaving with the goat. Whoever picks up the kid first and pays in full the soonest is the one that gets the kid.

Payment method is either cash or PayPal. This is NON-refundable. I have learned it is necessary to do business this way to ensure that the purchaser does not "change their mind". The consequences of which would be, me, having to bottlefeed a kid for 8 to 10 weeks that I pulled from the dam for the intended purchaser which I would have otherwise left with the dam.

The airlines require kids being airshipped are weaning age so bottle kids have to be picked up at the farm. If you are unable to get to Old Mountain Farm yourself there are several people who make trips here every year from from afar that are usually willing to transport goats for others in order to help pay their fuel expences.

We offer NO guarantees on kids being sold on bottles other than guaranteeing that they are accustomed to taking a bottle and are free from disqualifying faults when they leave our care. The buyer needs to be willing to take on ALL responsibilty for properly caring for a bottle kid and if something happens to it in their care (or in a transporter's care) they are to realize that they were given a discount because they were agreeing to take that responibility and not hold Old Mountain Farm or it's proprietors responsible in any way.

Oh, and of course it is a given that I have a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about you or I will not even consider placing bottle babies in your care

When purchasing bottle kids time is of the essence so they may need to be chosen before I have even had a chance to get photos of them. Since breeding stock should be purchased based on their genetics more than a cute kid photo, this method works well. There are a lot of ancestor's photos and information on my website. Please use my site as your guide in making your decisions.

When buying adult goats or weaned kids we absolutely will NOT hold a goat or consider a goat a "sale pending" until we have your deposit (of at least $100.00) in hand. We prefer deposits to be made via PayPal unless you are close enough to visit the farm to make your deposit in cash.

If you choose to make your deposit via PayPal, please notify us of your intent first and be sure to include the PayPal transaction fee.

Since goats are instinctively herd animals, they require a "buddy" in order to be happy and healthy. We will not sell one goat by itself unless there is already at least one goat at the new home.

In an effort to make a kid's shipping experience as stress free as possible we offer some special pricing. It is: When two bucklings ship together the one of lesser original monetary value becomes half price!

Balance of payment on your goat or goats will be due upon notification that they are ready to leave for their new home and must be paid in full at time of transport. The final payment on goats must be in the form of cash, money order or PayPal.

All shipping costs (transportation, heath certificates, testing, crates etc.) are the buyers responsibility. We only ship out of the Portland Maine Jetport with Delta Airlines.

When emailing with questions, PLEASE include your location and phone number. I have difficulty typing at times due to a chronic health situation so quite often I choose to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Since our herd is as large as we want it to grow, each year as we make it through the seasons, we have the tough task of deciding who will be moving to new homes and who will stay on with us here at Old Mountain Farm. Meaning we occasionally have adult breeding bucks and does available. If you have a particular interest in a certain member of our herd let us know so that we can make note of it for future reference.

We look at our goats with a very critical eye when it comes to describing conformity, both strengths and weaknesses to a potential customer.

We are making every possible effort to breed healthy, productive, well conformed animals and because of that anyone considering purchasing an animal from us can be assured that we will do our best to provide them with the animal that they are looking for.

Prospective clients should also know that we are "farmers" and staying in line with being farmers means that we cull any animal that does not meet our breeding quality requirements. Basically, if we are not satisfied enough with a goat's conformation or productivity to use in our own herd breeding program, why would we choose to sell it to another herd???

Our philosophy says that "To cull means to kill" and since we do not condone wastefulness, we eat those we cull and we process hides too. This is just one more aspect of our farming that ensures potential clients that we will not attempt to "pawn off" lesser animals on the inexperienced or unsuspecting person. We also like the fact that our food had a life while it was alive and we did not support agri-industry by eating meat from the supermarket. We do not have goats for the specific purpose of providing our table with meat however we do consider culling/killing to be one of the most important parts of a responsible breeding program.

We do NOT guarantee height. We quite often use overheight bucks for breeding in our program. We have proven to ourselves by many years of our own breedings and from watching other's breeding programs that the use of overheight bucks does NOT produce OH daughters. The best bucks that I have had the pleasure of using in my herd were OH.

Our goats are healthy and free from disqualifying faults when we sell them and we guarantee that at time of pick-up or shipping. Since we cannot control the goat's environment once they leave our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees.

Stress is very common in both kids and adults of all ages when moved from one place to another. Illness and in rare cases death can occur if the animal is not properly handled or treated. We will not be responsible for stress/illness of any kind after the animal leaves our farm.

Because we consider biosecurity to be of the utmost importance we may not choose to have goats re-enter our herd after leaving BUT we DO EXPECT(and consider it a common courtesy / obligation) for the purchaser to always give us right of refusal on any animal they have purchased from us in the past and find they need to rehome.

We have worked long and hard to get the good reputation that we have and we wish to keep that good reputation, so we want you to be pleased with your purchase which of course will ensure that the goats live a happy and healthy life.

Thank-you for considering Old Mountain Farm for your Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat purchases. We hope to hear from you soon.

I have read, understand and agree with all that is written in the text above.

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Cheryle Moore-Smith / Old Mountain Farm 60 Old Mountain Rd., Cape Neddick, Maine 03902)