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Testimonial Page

Several years ago I began researching nigerian dwarf goats. I discovered a beautiful and very informative web site that became my favorite. It seemed to be done with such an artistic touch, such beautiful pictures! The descriptions of these enchanting animals were both honest and sometimes humorous. I felt like a knew each one! I finally met Cheryle and Wyl at a show with my friend Lorene of Sunnydale Farm. They were such nice people so I invited myself to Maine and made my first of many trips to Old Mountain Farm. Over the years I have been lucky to have aquired many of their beautiful goats and two good friends. Cheryle's years of knowledge have been invaluable to us and Wyls milkstand has been my best goat equipment investment. Thanks guys....see you soon!

~Rebecca and Paul Wentworth
Cabin Creek Farm
Union, CT.

Becky and her sister drove up from Conn. in the VW convertible to pick up a milkstand to gift to her friend Lorene!

Andrea getting ready to make the
long trip home to Colorado.

While browsing the goat sites, I came across the
"Old Mountain Farm" website and looked at their "for sale" items. I liked what I saw and as luck would have it, I got a chance to make the trip there. I was really surprised at how little the milk stand weighs, I can pick it up myself and load it quite easily into my vehicle. The hay feeder is really great as well, wish I had been able to give Wyl more notice of my trip. Then I would have brought back more.

~Andrea Brewer
Sawgna Farm
Rifle, Colorado

3 years later, Andrea returned to OMF with her daughter; Amy

I bought one of Wyl's milking stands because my old standard-sized one, even though retrofitted for dwarf goats and even though at the time I was only milking five goats, was giving me serious back problems, as well as carpal tunnel issues that I feared would stop me milking altogether.

With Wyl's stand, my back problems are gone, and the carpal tunnel too (as long as I don't try to hand-milk more than 9 or 10 goats at a time), and in addition it is convenient to disassemble and take with me to shows.
I love it!

~Bonnie Chandler,
Fairlea Farm
Harvard, MA

Bonnie at a show using her milkstand

"Cathy and Nancy; the awesome goat clippers"
Wyl's milkstands are solid and easy to use. We have two of his stands. One for shows which takes up less space when traveling and another for every day use.

The stands are not very heavy and are easily disassembled, moved and reassembled. I have put kids as young as 6 weeks old on them and they stay put while I work with them.

We use one stand for outside jobs such as clipping, trimming hooves and putting stinky bucks on, the other one is kept nice and pristine for milking only.

I also have several hay feeders (large and small) made by Wyl. I have two of the largest ones he makes. They work great for a dozen goats or more at a time.

These very large feeders are movable since they have solid skidders attached - they slide very nicely. One of my sons and I have been seen moving feeders clear across the property.

~Heidi Sampson
Tragos Trip Farm
Alfred, Maine

Lisa and Bambi
We purchased our OMF Hay feeders in 2005 and would highly recommend them to other Nigerian owners. Both are still in use and holding up well. They are a great way to feed NDs all through the year – keeping the hay protected from the weather so they can be placed outside of shelters encouraging the herd to get outside. We use the large feeder for our milking herd and 10 goats are able to feed there at a time. The convenience of holding a whole bale is wonderful, and we only need to restock once a day in the winter and every other day when we have pasture.

The fenceline feeder has been wonderful due to its smaller size. We can move that to different paddocks as needed very easily, and for a group of 6 goats, we only need to restock every other day. With both feeders, the waste is low in comparison to other hay feeders we have used. We love them!

~Lisa Reilich
Painted Pepper Farm
Steuben, Maine

When we started our adventures with dairy goats, the first thing we wanted was good long lasting equipment that was easy to use. We noticed several people using Wyl's milk stands and purchased one in 2002. It is still in as good shape now as the day we purchased it.

Our second purchase was a large, two-sided hay feeder. The first thing we noticed was a lot less hay waste and we were able to move it around the goat yard. We liked it so much we have added two more feeders for the bucks and the kids. They are the perfect size for our Nigerian Dwarf goats and our standard breed Saanens too.

~Ellen Gould
Sisters Three Farm
Mendon, Mass.

"VooDoo buck Gould" says, "I like Wyl's hayfeeders too!"

Bozley and Fancy in their paddock.
"We had just bought 3 whethers from Old Mountain Farm and having had goats in the past we knew that goats are only as good as their fencing.

I admired the fencing that Wyl had put up on their farm and asked him if he could put up the same at ours. Wyl did a super job! He made two large paddocks that now houses 5 horses and 3 goats. It's been 3 years now and it is as strong as the day he put it up.

I would definitely not hesitate to have Wyl put up more fencing for us in the future!"

~Sue Carpenter
Maine Seacoast Miniatures
Cape Neddick, ME

I just can't say enough about Wyl's hayfeeders and milkstands. How will I ever find someone in the Midwest to fill his shoes? First of all, my goats did not seem to understand the value of the dollar; they preferred the more expensive second crop hay and had the nerve to waste lots of it! Before investing in one of Wyl's hay feeders, we used a traditional metal feeder and lost about 50% of our hay. The little scoundrels (who I loved so dearly) would pull some hay out the metal hay feeder that was mounted in their barn and the same amount would fall to the ground! Then, to make matters worse, the herd queen would refuse to let the younger does eat until she was done.

I was so pleased after buying Wyl's hay feeder because it was the perfect size for miniature goats and allowed all six of my does to eat at the same time. More importantly, I save so much money in hay! Unfortunately, I moved from Maine and needed to sell my small herd. I learned that investing in quality goats from proven herds made it very easy to get my money back out of my herd. Along the same line, I found that Wyl's hayfeeders and milkstands held their value and when it was time for me to move it was very easy to find a buyer for those items. New England is blessed to have Wyl building quality milkstands and hayfeeders for its many herds of dwarf goats!

~Mary Jordan
Moxie Blues Farm
Greene Maine

purchased one of Wyl's milkstands at the same time that I purchased my first goats from Old Mountain Farm, and I couldn't be happier... even 4 years later. I have issues that could prevent me from milking goats at all, but can do so with ease because I find my milkstand to be quite ergonomically correct for me. It's the perfect height, and easy to move around and take apart. I also use it as a task stand for trimming hooves and clipping. It is beautifully constructed; being rugged, well built, and looks as good as the day I brought it home. A huge THANK YOU to Wyl for his incredible skills as a carpenter, and of course, as a designer.

On another note, I loved Wyl and Cheryle's goat fencing so much that I asked Wyl to construct one here for me. I love it!! It is goat and predator safe, it's VERY appealing to the eye, and I have had many, many compliments on the look and construction. It looks wonderful with my stable and adds so much character to my yard as a whole. To boot, I worked right along with Wyl during the time he was here constructing the fence. The design is also fabulous, as he connected it to 2 other buildings... WOW!!

~Cindy Bachand
Lebanon, Maine

Cheryle Milking 2Spot

Wyl trimming hooves

I just couldn't resist putting a testimonial of my own on this page, since Wyl originally started building his milkstands and hayfeeders for me, I am the #1 fan of Wyl's stands and feeders. I have been milking goats since 1975 and milking, strictly miniature goats since 1989 and have never come across a milkstand as easy and comfortable to use as Wyl's. I have also never come across a better design for an efficient low waste hayfeeder. I think that the best tool anyone could have for working with their miniature dairy goats is one of Wyl's milkstands. His stands make milking time a pleasure! I really believe at this point in my "goat adventure" if I could not use one of Wyl's milkstands, I would no longer want to milk my goats!

~Cheryle Moore-Smith
Old Mountain Farm
Cape Neddick, Maine

All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
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