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...are designed and built by a professional woodworker and goatbreeder; specifically for use with miniature goats. The asthetically pleasing design has been developed with ease of use and practicality in mind.
"Less hay waste, better overall herd nutrition and better parasite control!"

This one sided feeder has heavy duty skids (made of pressure treated wood) and easy carrying handles on each side allows approximately 5 to 6 miniature goats to eat comfortably at one time. Goats reach for hay through the outer layer of bars and pull hay from behind the inner layer of bars keeping their heads between the two layers while eating. Dropped hay lands inside the feeder, remaining clean and not on the ground getting soiled so younger and less aggressive goats are able to eat healthier.

Price -$450.00

Hayfeeders are only available by special order (Wyl doesn't have a stockpile in his shop :o)

Hayfeeders can not be shipped and must be picked up at Old Mountain Farm.

Hayfeeders designed by Wyl Smith
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