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SG *M Old Mountain Farm
Mila Quinn

This polled little black beauty has tremendous width
throughout, perfect feet, a very wide open escutcheon, nice
loose skin and a dam and paternal grand dam with perfect
mammary systems. I just love her large patch of
moonspotting on her rump and the fact that she
inherited her great grand dam's full white tail

Photos by Wyl Smith

The three udder photos below taken of Mila's 2nd freshening

Date of Birth----4-1-12 (twin)

AGS & ADGA registered

Polled black w/white on head and tail tip & moonspotting


20 inches (official Linear appraisal measurement 7-13-2016)

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos

Grand sire: *B NC PromisedLand Tur-Beau*S
Great grand sire:
+B NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S
Great great grand sire: ARMCH PromisedLand S Mel Gibson
Great great grand dam:
PromisedLand My Fair Lady 3*D
Great grand dam: *M Caesar's Villa DN Lizzie 3*D'VG'
Great great grand sire: Dover Cliff Duncan
Great great grand dam:
Caesar's Villa CBS Lynn Marie 2*D

Grand dam: Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn
Great grand sire:
CH MCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 'E'
Great great grand sire: Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby*S
Great great grand dam:
Stonewall's India Wilkes
Great grand dam:
Old Mountain Farm Brinna Quinn
Great great grand sire:
MCH Rosasharn's Patrick Quinn+*SG+
Great great grand dam:
1*M Old Mountain Farm
Katrina*D'E' AR1898

Dam: CH Old Mountain Farm Natasha

Grand sire: Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip
Great grand sire:
NC Promisedland SS Hot Stuff*S
Great great grand sire:
PromisedLand CP Seymore Spots *S
Great great grand dam:
GCH 1*M ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil
BoPeep*D E92

Great grand dam:
1*M Old Mountain Farm Tulip *D 'VG' AR 2103
Great great grand sire:
Woodhaven Farms Neon Eclipse'VG'
Great great grand dam:
Stonewall India Wilkes

Grand dam: 2*M AR Old Mountain Farm Eleanor RW 2*D AR 2395
Great grand sire:
Old Mountain Farm Wilson*S
Great great grand sire: Old Mountain Farm Leonardo
Great great grand dam:
1*M Old Mountain Farm McDermott
Great grand dam:
1*M Twin Creeks AH Finale's Zip *D 'E' AR1881
Great great grand sire:
MCH Little Rascals American Hero 'E'
Great great grand dam:
MCH Twin Creeks BW Grande Finale

Linear Appraisal
General Appearance
Dairy Strength
Body Capacity
Mammary Final Score
88 Dry

Days in Milk Lbs. of Milk Lbs. of Fat % of Fat Lbs. of Protein % of Protein

Show Record----
(grands, reserves, challenges & udder awards only)

Not Shown

Kidding History----

May. 2013----singleton doe (sired by OMF Bold Elk)
Mar. 2014----twin does (sired by OMF Stag) both polled
Feb. 2015----triplet does (sired by Apache Wind) all polled
Nov. 2015---triplets (born dead while living at another farm)
Aug. 2016----quadruplets; one doe, three bucks
(sired by OMF Dairus Quinn

Only a few days after Mila freshened for the first time,
she came down with a bad case of Entero and lost her
milk. Agressive treatment saved her life but I was
unable to get good photos of her bagged up. These
photos were taken after she recovered but she was
not groomed appropriately for a photo session and
she never really came back into milk but I wanted
to put these photos up just to give everyone an idea of
how nice her udder is. I am really looking forward to
milking her when she freshens for the second time.
I am so glad that I did not lose her to the entero.

All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
©Cheryle Moore-Smith All rights reserved.

Last updated 1-17-17