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Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko

Photos above of Kiko as a first freshener.
She is about a week fresh and bagged up for 6 hours!
Photos by Wyl Smith

Three photos below are of Kiko's first fresh udder

Date of Birth---- 1-13-10 (Twin)

AGS & ADGA registered

Chocolate cou clair with moonspots


Sire: *B Old Mountain Farm Hakama*S

Grand sire: Old Mountain Farm Obsidian
Great grand sire: Dawnland Tabby's Halifax'E'
Great great grand sire: Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby*S
Great great grand dam: Stonewall's India Wilkes
Great grand dam: 1*M Rosasharn's Hazel Nut 4*D 'VG' AR1736
Great great grand sire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Under
My Thumb +*S'E'

Great great grand dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's P'Nut
B'Udder Cup 3*D

Grand dam: 1*M Springs Run Haiku's Kimono *D AR 1995
Great grand sire: MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku
Great great grand sire: Enchanted Hill O'Leary+S
Great great grand dam: Enchanted Hill Lyric
Great grand dam: MCH 4 Fun Willow
Great great grand sire: Caesar's Villa PL Golden Eagle *S
Great great grand dam: ARMCH Enchanted Hill Frosted
Angel 2*D'E'

Dam: SG 3*M AR NC PromisedLand Palita

Grand sire: Buttin' Heads Palimony
Great grand sire: Buttin' Heads Pajamars
Great great grand sire:
Buttin' Heads Mendleson's March
Great great grand dam:
CH Buttin' Heads Zipther
Great grand dam: CH ARMCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D'E'
Great great grand sire:
Creek Road Hudson +S
Great great grand dam:
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D

Grand dam: GCH 2*M ARMCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nita 3*D'E'
Great grand sire:
+B NC PromisedLand MG Beau +*S
Great great grand sire: ARMCH PromisedLand S Mel Gibson+S
Great great grand dam:
PromisedLand My Fair Lady 3*D
Great grand dam: GCH *M ARMCH PromisedLand GoodDay
SunShine 2*D
Great great grand sire: MCH Caesar's Villa CBS
Cowpoke +*S'E'

Great great grand dam:
Willow Creek Goodnight Irene *D


Show Record----
(grands, reserves, challenges & udder awards only)

Kidding History----

June 2011----twins; one doe, one buck (sired by OMF Back Tulip)
Feb. 2012----twins; one doe, one buck (sired by MI SC WM Yogi)
Dec. 2012----twin does (sired by OMF Endurance)
March 2014----triplet bucks (sired by OMF InLikeQuinn)

Photos of Kiko at six months of age
Taken by Wyl Smith

All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
©Cheryle Moore-Smith All rights reserved.

Last updated 4-4-14