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Wherever an overheight buck appears in the pedigree below, the text immediately before that overheight buck's name is shown in RED. There may be more overheight bucks in the pedigree than those I am showing but I am only showing the name's of those I am aware of.

SG 2*M AR Old Mountain Farm
Mary Jane *D AR 2159

Photo above is of Mary Jane as a 3rd freshener.
Photo by Wyl Smith

Photo above is of MJ as a 2nd freshener

Four udder photos below are of MJ's 3rd fresh udder

Date of Birth---- 6-2-06 (triplet)

AGS & ADGA registered

Gold with random white

Height----19 3/4" (unofficial measurement on 7-24-11)

Sire: +B ARMCH Inavale Paradigm 'E'+S

Grand sire: Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S
Great grand sire: Inavale All That Jazz
Great great grand sire: Inavale Opus "E"
Great great grand dam:
Goodwood Joni Mitchell
Great grand dam: MCH Raha Acres Twinks Pixie*D'E'
Great great grand sire: Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle+S
Great great grand dam:
Dav-Lyn Twinkle Toes "E'

Grand dam: Inavale Venice
Great grand sire: Piddlin Acres Maverick
Great great grand sire: MCH Gladys Porter Zoo Ali's Tex +S
Great great grand dam: MCH Piddlin Acres Doe 'C' Doe 'E'
Great grand dam: ALMN Tamara
Great great grand sire: Goodwood Running Bear
Great great grand dam:
Inavale Sabrina

Dam: 1*M AR MCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu 'E'

Grand Sire: Stonewall's Orbison*S
Great grand sire: Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump-Up +*S
Great great grand sire: Goodwood Lingonberry ++*S
Great great grand dam: ARMCH Goodwood Trillium
*D'E' AR1418
Great grand dam: Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D
Great great grand sire: Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle +S
Great great grand dam: Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D

Grand dam: Old Mountain Farm Ignition
Great grand sire: Rosasharn's Little Bear*S
Great great grand sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S'E'
Great great grand dam: Stonewall's Baby Udder Cup
2*D AR1559
Great grand dam: Prairie Wood Blue Socks
Great great grand sire: Prairie Wood Blue Print
Great great grand dam: Willows Glitz

Linear Appraisal
General Appearance
Dairy Character
Body Capacity
Mammary Final Score

Days in Milk Lbs. of Milk Lbs. of Fat % of Fat Lbs. of Protein % of Protein
1.09 199 516 30 5.8 21 4.1

Show Record----
(grands, reserves, challenges & udder awards only)

1X - Grand Champion Junior Doe (AGS-2007) Judge; Robert Spitzer
1X - Reserve Grand Champion Junior Doe (ADGA-2007)
Judge; Todd Biddle

Kidding History----

Mar. 2008----twins; one doe, one buck (sired by OMF Dan Seur)
May 2009----twins; one doe, one buck (sired by OMF Just Zip It)
Apr. 2010----triplets; two does , one buck (sired by Hot Stuff)
June 2011----twins; one doe, one buck (sired by OMF Mithra)
Apr. 2012----triplets; one doe, one buck (sired by OMF Cernunnos)
May 2013----twin bucks (sired by OMF Bold Elk)

Photos below taken of MJ as a junior doe
by Wyl Smith

All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
©Cheryle Moore-Smith All rights reserved.

Last updated 9-18-16