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*M East Rivendell HK Ruby D
AR 2298

Photo above of Ruby as a first freshener
Taken by Wyl Smith

Three photos above are of Ruby's 1st fresh udder

Date of Birth----6-18-06 (twin)

AGS & ADGA registered

Gold roan with blue eyes

Sire: Springs Run Haiku's Koke

Grand sire: MCH Enchanted Hill Haiku
Great grand sire: Enchanted Hill O'Leary
Great great grand sire: Karim's Little Owl
Great great grand dam: Enchanted Hill Leprechaun
Great grand dam: Enchanted Hill Lyric
Great great grand sire: Goodwood Merlin
Great great grand dam: Enchanted Hill Lisa

Grand dam: Wooly Dog Down Lemondrop'E'
Great grand sire: Stonewall's Palliser+*S
Great great grand sire: Gay-Mor Berry's Johnny Jump-Up+*S
Great great grand dam: Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D
Great grand dam: Wooly Dog Down Jumbles
Great great grand sire: Unicorn Farms Jesse James
Great great grand dam: Enchanted Hill One Sock

Dam: West Rivendell IM's Vanya

Grand sire: Piddlin Acres Image Maker 'VG'
Great grand sire: Piddlin Acres SC Maestro 'E'
Great great grand sire: Piddlin Acres Shortchange
Great great grand dam:
Piddlin Acres Concerto
Great grand dam: Piddlin Acres Spittin Image
Great great grand sire: MCH Greengate King Midas *+S
Great great grand dam: MCH/PGCH Piddlin Acres Revelee 'E'

Grand dam: 1*M Old Mountain Farm Fiona
Great grand sire: Rosasharn's Little Bear*S
Great great grand sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S'E'
Great great grand dam: Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D AR1559
Great grand dam: Old Mountain Farm Blue Raindancer
Great great grand sire: Prairie Wood Blue Mirage
Great great grand dam: Prairie Wood Blue Socks

Linear Appraisal
General Appearance
Dairy Character
Body Capacity
Overall Score
2008 V V E V 86


Days in Milk Lbs. of Milk Lbs. of Fat % of Fat Lbs. of Protein % of Protein
1.11 185 346 18 5.2 16 4.6
2.10 192 638 43 6.7 28 4.4

Kidding History----

June 2008----Twins; one doe, one buck (sired by Marlboro Man)
April 2009----Twins; one doe, one buck (sired by Just Zip It)
April 2010----Quadruplets; one doe, three bucks (sired by Hot Stuff)
Jan. 2011----triplets; two does, one buck (sired by OMF Stag Party)

Photo above of Ruby as a yearling
Taken by Wyl Smith

Photo below taken in
November 2010 of Ruby in the southeast pasture

All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
©Cheryle Moore-Smith All rights reserved.

Last updated 2-3-15