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Old Mountain Farm Elke

Photo above by Wyl Smith

Photo below of Elke in the tall grass as a junior doe

Date of Birth---- 5-21-16 (quadruplet w/ one doeling & two
buckling littermates)

AGS & ADGA registered

Gold, Tan & Black w/random white Chamoisee & Swiss
marked combo


Sire: SG +B Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE

Grand sire: Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer'E'
Great grand sire:
Rosasharn Tom's Water Tabby*S
Great great grand sire:
ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S'E'
Great great grand dam:
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily 2*D
Great grand dam: Stonewall's India Wilkes
Great great grand sire: Stonewall's Raising Arizona+S
Great great grand dam:
Stonewall's Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Grand dam: 2*M AR Deldale Fawn*D 'E' AR 2157 EEEV91
Great grand sire: Honeysuckle Ridge Dakota
Great great grand sire: Springs Run Merry Brandybuck+S
Great great grand dam:
Prairie Wood Blue Socks
Great grand dam:
1*M MCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu 'E'
Great great grand sire: Stonewall's Orbison*S
Great great grand dam:
Old Mountain Farm Ignition

Dam: 3*M AR NC Promisedland Nemesis 3*D AR 2383

Grand sire: Rosasharn SS Legolas*S
Great grand sire: Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol *S
Great great grand sire: ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L + S E
Great great grand dam:
ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D E
Great grand dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's Elfin 7*D VG
Great great grand sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S'E'
Great great grand dam:
Stonewall's ALias Grace 6*D

Grand dam: 2*M AR NC PromisedLand BW Echo2 'VG' 2*D AR 1936
Great grand sire: NC PromisedLand Bruce Willis
Great great grand sire: Gay-Mor's Java's Lambrusco
Great great grand dam:
PromisedLand Saanen-Doe-A
Great grand dam: PromisedLand JP Echo
Great great grand sire: PromisedLand S JackPot
Great great grand dam:
Caesar's Villa FL Elena

Linear Appraisal
General Appearance
Dairy Strength
Body Capacity
Mammary Final Score

Days in Milk Lbs. of Milk Lbs. of Fat % of Fat Lbs. of Protein % of Protein

Show Record----
(grands, reserves, challenges & udder awards only)

Not Shown

Kidding History----

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All photography by Cheryle Moore-Smith except where noted.
©Cheryle Moore-Smith All rights reserved.

Last updated 12-16-16